Friday, July 31, 2015

We Saw Some Old Stuff.... Alternate Title: Day 8

OMG! I totally forgot to post last night....ok maybe we had a bit much to drink with our new Airbnb hosts at their local pub. Oops, sorry about that!

Greetings fellow Canadians!

So yesterday was our last day at Rob's place and we were kinda sad to leave. It was a great location and he was great host too. We were spoiled by the large room the nice big bed, our own table and couch. But we move on and moved to our last Airbnb in Greenwich! Now this one is only 15min from Canada Water tube Station - so it feels like home. I will take some pics of our view tomorrow when there is light. It is really lovely.

We already had 95% of our stuff at Christiane and Nick's place, so it was easy to pack the rest of our stuff and head out to try some recommended regular bus routes. on Reddit Jeff found some recommended routes to see some great stuff, but the 15 bus route was a to the British Museum we go instead.

Now this museum is also free, which makes for easy on the pocket. This museum has the Sutton Hoo helm, the Rosetta Stone, and much, much more. Now the one thing I have noticed about British museums is that they don't jam it with lots of this can be good and bad. I personally love it when there is so much stuff you don't know where to start. The German museums are like that.

We're going to see Old Stuff!
 The BM had some really amazing stuff...not enough 16th century for me, but I think their online collection is sooooo much better. We wandered about for 3 hours, which means we saw stuff! Also we did get to see the Rosetta Stone (surrounded by tourists! lol), we glanced at it and said there it is, and left.

I wandered the shop after lunch and found 3 gems. 2 cookbooks with sources and a really good bibliography, and a tote bag that Mel has and I had been coveting! hehe

To round out the museum, we went to the Islamic section AND the Rothschild's collection. Now I found a few really awesome pieces for my SCA fighter persona! YAY! AND the Rothschild collection was AMAZING! They had the most amazing collection of gold and silver artefacts. So many to mention.

Woven Islamic textile - 10-11th C.

Wooden 15th (or 16th C.) Prayer Nut - Amazing carving

Underside of Prayer Nut
Once we ginished up at the museum, we decided to take a recommended bus route to see the sights. This time we tried the 24 Pimlico. So we go along heading towards Westminster, and as we are watching we noticed all of the music shops! There were at least 10 on one small street. The one that caught my eye. We were on a double decker and the Lute was calling to me. So we hoped off, grabed a quick bite to eat, and headed to this shop.

Early Music Shop
All I could think of was that Marie would be in heaven! I got her a card too! I had no idea where to start. The we went back on the 24 heading to Hamstead Heath. Which apparently is a very affluent area. We sure noticed that when we got off the bus. Very nice, but sure felt expensive.

We decided to head back towards home and maybe hit Harrod's at the same time. At this time it was rush hour so the trains and tube were really busy. We finally arrive and walk in, and started giggling. We stopped at the Gucci purses just to see how much they were. Can't be that bad right?

Gucci Purse

Ummm...yeah right...
HAHAHAHAH....You know what I could buy with that? How about an £80K watch? Or the jewellery that we didn't even bother asking how much. Insane! I think we lasted 20 minutes and got ourselves out of there!

The we saw the most ridiculous car on the planet.

Swaorvski Crystal Mercedes

Oh look missing cheap! lol
Time to head back, grab some groceries and relax for my big day. As we were heading back, I received a text from our hosts, that they were at the pub and asked if we wanted to join them. I love the idea of a local pub and theirs was really nice. Tried more cider, and had a little too much. Evidence below! lol

Time to head home...
Not long after this post we headed back home. It was close to 11pm and really I needed sleep so I could form a proper conversation with Marc.



  1. You are a talented story teller! I love the whole blog!