Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 18 Update

So spring is trying to make its way to Ottawa, and it always busy at this time of year at work. I have been busy working on some Arts and Sciences classes for Practicum in February. I did my first embroidery in the Bayeaux Tapestry stitch, so I have been a bit busy.

Here is my Redditgifts Medieval exchange gift that went to New Zealand. I hope she liked it. :)

Inspiration image - Bayeux Tapestry

My outlining work
The finished piece


But with all that I was featured on the Fundrazr blog this past week. It is very exciting as it gets the word out to a larger audience.

Read it here: Erin is cooking and crowdfunding her way to England

I am still waiting to hear back from Hampton Court about the date I selected in August. Once confirmation happens then I can start looking into flights.

The donations are still coming in, so thank you to all who decided to donate. If you can please forward my fundraiser to your social media. The more people know the better it is.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Skirret: the forgotten Tudor vegetable

It has been a bit busy here at home. I have a couple of projects that are due in April, so I will be focusing on those. I will post some cool tidbits I am finding out about Tudor cooking.

As always, if you can share this page it would be appreciated. :)

Today's cool fact: Skirret: The forgotten Tudor vegetable


February 26th Update - Important!

Hi everyone, sorry it has been a bit quiet here, but I have been busy finding out ways to save money. I also have been trying to promote this as well. I had some really great feedback about this campaign especially since I am asking for more than I originally fundraised.

So I cam up with hopefully a solution to this, any funds that I don't need after all my expenses (whether or not at goal) will go directly back to the Ottawa Food bank.

So if it only costs me $2500 and I raised over that, then the extra will go to the food bank. So they benefit as well.

So far I have a few leads on cheap accommodation, travel and flights. So this is excellent. If anyone has ideas for sponsors please sens me a message

So when I have a change I will update my main page to reflect that change.


February 16th Update

Wow, it is hard to believe we have already done 2 weeks! We are almost at a quarter of the goal. It has been wonderful to see such support.

I was approached by Fundrazr to do an interview for a future blog post. I am excited about that, hopefully it will help the campaign get more reach to more donors on this site. I will let you know when that is live.

Made some progress for flights - my friend Sue suggested a couple of ways to find cheaper flights as she goes to visit family often in England. YAY!

I am still waiting for sound bites to finish my video. :P I am slow but I have been working on my Reddit gifts Medieval Secret Santa gift. I finished it yesterday, so now I need to frame it and send it to New Zealand!

As always, please share this campaign to get the word out.

Thank you already for all the support!


February 12th Update

We are getting closer to the weekend and Jeff had made a great discovery for me on accommodations! if that works out, then we will have a few cheaper options. Super excited about that! So a few housekeeping items I have to do, I need to send the email out to confirm I would like to be at the first weekend in August's demo. Along with questions as to what I will be doing or what I will be able to get involved in.

Everything is progressing well, I also have a line on possibly a good airfare. Fingers crossed on that! :)

If everything works out, then I will modify what I need for this trip.

Thanks for the donations so far, and please if you can share this campaign!


February 10th Update

Well with the start of our second week of campaigning we have reached 21%! How awesome is that!

I am currently looking into flights, it is possible I will need to fly into Paris and take the train to London, might be quite a bit cheaper.

If anyone knows a travel agency that would be willing to donate a flight, that would be excellent. I would be able to put up their logo and contact information on my blog.

Please share these post on your Facebook or twitter pages, the more people see it, the more likely donations will come it.

I appreciate all the donations so far, thank you! And a thanks to Jane Allen for offering her home. :) Hopefully we can coordinate.


PS. Happy Valentine's week! XOXOXO

February 5th Update

WOW Everyone! I can't believe we cracked $1,000 yesterday! With all the donations this campaign has moved to the first page of the Arts & Creative section, and yesterday I was on page 2 of the Trending section, but this morning we are on page 6. Boo! So lets see if we can get back on the 2nd page (or even the first). Please consider sharing this campaign on your social network pages. :)

We have had some great movement on this fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or shared it. The more people can hear about it the better!I want to send a special thank you to David Gotlieb (aka Dafydd ap Alan) for his amazing offer for our Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) friends! He is offering up one of his leather rapier sheaths as a fundraising prize! Attached is a picture of the rapier sheath for Baroness Keresteken Janzdochtere on the occasion of her elevation to the order of the Pelican. If you are interested in one (and they are amazing!) read up on his blog for more information:

Elevation Rapier Sheath by David Gotlieb

I am in the works to put together a few fundraising ideas and events. If you have some ideas, please let me know.

I am not sure if people are aware, but if you are not comfortable in donating online, I will take them in person as well. I will even put it up here and it will show in the total. As you can see by my donation from Santa (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Please spread the word.


February 4th Update

Well last night was really beautiful, with the temperature changing, I had the opportunity to do some snowshoeing (and Spa) in Chelsea, QC. The full moon was out and the park quiet. While I was enjoying the weather, you guys have been busy sending in donations! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?! I would get a notification on my phone.

Local Qu├ębec cider before snowshoeing
A snack from the restaurant at Le Nordique Spa

I am so excited and humbled at my friends, family and strangers who are donating to my cause. I am so excited about this project and hope that I can fundraise enough to maybe even bring my husband. :) Please pass this information along to others who may be interested in helping me out.

Thank you everyone! :)