Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20 Update

Sorry for the blog seems I didn't have the blog updating when I was updating the campaign site. Sigh...

Well so now this will be all updated for when I leave in 2 days! 2 DAYS! OMG!

I am so excited, airbnb has been booked, flights booked, travel in and around secured, visits planned and finally the basic itinerary for Hampton!

So the itinerary is like this:

July 22nd: Fly to London (red eye)
July 23rd: land - head to accomodations.
July 23rd to 25th: be london bums (lol I haven't decided which museums we will hit)
July 25-26th: visit with friends before they head back to Canada. (and an 80's bday party)
July 26-27th: back to London
July 27-28th: The Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth and Weald & Downland Open Air Museum in Singleton (Where they filmed the Tudor Monastery Farm)
July 28-August 3rd: London.
August 3rd: Fly back to Ottawa.

Lucky me I get to go to Kew Palace on the 31st for some historical cooking and then 2 days at Hampton (August 1-2).

I am so excited. Museums I want to go to while visiting: National Portrait Gallery, London Museum, British Museum, National Gallery, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Palace/Gardens, Mary Rose Museum and Weald & Downland Open Air Museum.

It will be busy, but so much fun!

My goal will be to post something everyday for you!

Hampton, here I come!


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