Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Foodie Geek Out! Alternate Title: Day 9

Greeting my fellow foodies!

On Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a whole day with Marc Meltonville at Kew Palace Royal Kitchens. Marc is one of the lead food historians for the Historic Royal Palaces. He is an idol for me, I was so nervous meeting him. He is in many of the early Tudor food shows and is a Hampton often. Though this weekend he was working at Kew doing the Georgian food weekend.

Tide is out on my way over Kew Bridge

We chatted about so many food and non food related items. He told me about his work in the US on brewing and distillery. About the Chocolate kitchens at Hampton and everything in between. This man knows so much! He knew the history on the kitchens in Kew, how they were completely forgotten in 1818 and used as storage until just recently. How they restored the kitchens, speculated on their uses and amazed at the technological advances.

Original Kitchen with all accessories

Recreated side - as was destroyed with the addition on a flat in the building

The spits

Spit rest (curved part) so one person could load the spit

Fan inside the chimney powered by the heat of the fire, which turned the spits - innovation

I won't drone on about what we chatted, but if you want to know more, corner me at an event. I assisted in cleaning the copper pots for the cooking weekend and helped Tom and Marc set up the new side for the cooking demonstrations. I wish I could have seen both Hampton and Kew!

I enjoyed chatting from 11am to 4pm. It was an amazing experience and I am so happy to have met him. Maybe when I get home, I can ask some more pointed questions, that when I was there was too awed to ask (or completely forgot!).

The Dutch House (Kew Palace)
yes I was there!
I looked at some of the gardens, but to be honest, I was tired. It was an exciting day. I shall leave you with me leaving Kew and the tide was up.

Tide is up - Kew Bridge

EDIT: Oops! I totally forgot to mention that I was interviewed on All in a Day with Alan Neal on CBC radio one today. It was on at about 4:50pm. Jeff and I actually caught it on our way back from the grocery store. When I get the mp3, I will post it! ~Erin

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