Thursday, March 19, 2015

February 26th Update - Important!

Hi everyone, sorry it has been a bit quiet here, but I have been busy finding out ways to save money. I also have been trying to promote this as well. I had some really great feedback about this campaign especially since I am asking for more than I originally fundraised.

So I cam up with hopefully a solution to this, any funds that I don't need after all my expenses (whether or not at goal) will go directly back to the Ottawa Food bank.

So if it only costs me $2500 and I raised over that, then the extra will go to the food bank. So they benefit as well.

So far I have a few leads on cheap accommodation, travel and flights. So this is excellent. If anyone has ideas for sponsors please sens me a message

So when I have a change I will update my main page to reflect that change.


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