Monday, February 6, 2017

A beautiful Fall day...Time for a Fall Pilgrim's Practice!

Not long after returning from War of the Trillium, we started planning our Non-SCA event. We wanted to do a small 20 person themed event to maybe encourage new people to come out and have our SCA friends come for some fun food and atmosphere.

We rented a cute city space in Bells Corners in Ottawa, it had a good kitchen and great log cabin atmosphere. What was also great about it was that some easy forest trails end right at the community centre. So, Cristabel and Wilhelm organize the path and decided what the pilgrimage would be like. John helped create the path markers and there was even a Hermit.

The Pilgrims would walk the trail and arrive at the Inn of the Surly Mermaid (my household with Avelyn Wexcombe and Dafydd ap Alan). Everyone was encouraged to come dressed up as a medieval pilgrim.
John made this based off a 17th century sign

I was tasked to make the food (Quelle surprise!). We needed enough food for the evening to be spaced out all afternoon/evening. There would be stories and games and some dancing for entertainment. A couple of months before the event I was contacted by a guest to see if we would have Gluten Free options. I knew I also had some Vegetarians as well, so this posed an interesting challenge.
OMG a cooking shot...that never happens!

Fall Pilgrim's Practice Menu: 

All from period sources

Vegetarian dishes - V
Gluten Free - GF

Chickpea Soup (V & GF)
Chicken in Yogurt Sauce (GF)
Meatballs in eggplant Sauce (GF)
Saracen Stew (Beef) (GF)
Onion Tart (V)
Rice in Broth (GF & V)R
Roasted Carrots (V & GF)
Cucumber Salad (V & GF)
Baked Turnip with Cheese (V & GF)

There will be some raw veggies, pickles and fresh fruit.

For dessert
Custard with dates (V & GF)

John, myself and Cristabel in the kitchen
I was excited about this event since my Dad and Memere (Grandmother) were coming. My Mom was suppose to come but she was very sick and had to back out. :( It was really neat to have them come and see what I do for fun, instead of just hearing me talk about it.

Memere and I in the kitchen - She is wearing my Garb. :)

As always I have a great time with friends in the kitchen and my Memere came and helped me with dishes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and My husband and Daughter came by later in the day for fun with Cristabel and Wilhelm's kids.

Some travellers enjoying games.

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