Monday, February 2, 2015

The Reason I am Here!


I raised $3310 for the Ottawa Food Bank in 12 days! In return, I’ve been invited to fulfill my dream of cooking at England’s historic Hampton Court Palace this summer. Please help me raise the money I need to get there.

Read below about how I met CBC Radio’s Food Fantasy Challenge, and the fundraising I did for the Ottawa Food Bank. It’s a great cause, but my new challenge is raising the money needed to accept the palace’s special invitation.

I will need a budget of $5000 to travel to Hampton Court. This will cover the economy flight and train tickets from London to Hampton Court, and basic accommodation/food.

In my current situation I could not possibly afford this dream trip on my own. It will be necessary to raise all the funds I need to travel to Hampton Court.

Help me make my fantasy a reality. Please make a contribution—any amount, no matter how small, is welcome and deeply appreciated. Each donation brings me closer to my goal.

I will give good karma back into the universe in return for this unique experience. (that is what this blog is for!)

I believe it’s important to give back. To show my gratitude for your support I will:

  • Write to this blog about my journey that contributors can follow and stay in the loop
  • Share my favourite recipes and pictures of my trip online for all
  • Teach a class in my community (and beyond perhaps!) about the experience and what I learned, possibly with a hands on cooking demonstration
  • Apply what I have learned at Hampton Court Palace by cooking a Tudor feast for my community sometime in the year following my travel
  • Encourage my community and my contributors to continue their support of the Ottawa Food Bank (see link the button on the right side) and the many people who rely on their generosity. I will do this by promoting the Food Bank on my blog, at my classes and at my feast

Please help me make my dream come true! 

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