Thursday, May 18, 2017

Busy in the Kitchen

Oops - this should have been posted April 2016!

Since I have been back from Hampton, I have been busy. In the fall (2015), I was busy talking to everyone about my experience there and some of the epiphanies I had.

I was especially excited to talk with John Moran about my experience as he had a similar one. That discussion lead to us collaborating on a Tudor Feast for Ealdormere's Kingdom Arts and Science Competition. We wanted to try and recreate a full feast with all the right servers and pomp and ceremony.

We wanted to create the atmosphere of a Tudor Dining hall with ceremony of hand washing, seating by rank, entering the hall by rank, etc. THL Christabel worked hard as Master of the Hall to ensure this was followed. Not to forget to mention ALL of the volunteers who served the dishes. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish in an SCA setting. :p

Unfortunately for me, there are no pictures of either of us in the kitchen or of the actual feast that I can find. We were excited to do this for our King Quilliam III and Queen Domhnail II as Their reign was a Tudor Reign. (Very exciting!)

Grand Salad - All about Height! - Photo by David Gotlieb

The menu was as follows (and all items were of bite size, due to the amount of food we were producing):

  • Chicken in German Sauce
  • Grand Salad
  • Sausage in a Wine sauce
  • Spiced Pickles
  • Custard Tart 
  • Plain-Roast Beef with Black grape sauce and Mustard sauce
  • Fruit Jellies
  • Stewed Shrimp in Cream Sauce
  • Sorge, Chicken on Eggs
  • Cucumber and Onion Salad
  • Boiled Rice Pudding
  • Sop of Onions
  • Cheese Tart
  • Sop of Egg
  • Bacon Tart
  • Sop of Lumpy Cheese
  • Sop of Turnip
  • Fylettys en Galentyne, Roast Pork
  • Furmenty of Mushrooms & Barley
  • Sop of Spiced Pea

The dishes going to the head table were all done in Subtleties. John made some amazing pieces along with our friend Lady Lerthan. 

Octopus Subtlety for the Shrimp in Cream Sauce  - Photo by David Gotlieb
In the Octopus above the shrimp and sauce were placed in the glass dish (and tuned upside down) and when served it was removed and she shrimp rolled out.

It was a very long day with many bumps and things to do better next time, but I enjoyed myself.


Subtleties and Bacon Tarts - Photos by David Gotlieb

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